1. TrainerFan

    MindBreakStudios Games

    World Hero Trainer is a smut game that focuses on turning Avatar Korra into a sex slave. Imagine a world where Amon was completely victorious, and Korra has been reduced to a mere piece of propaganda. Her shocking example of submission should prove to be most useful...provided that YOU can...
  2. RealKorra

    [Korra] Korra Videos/Discussion

    i think you might like those videos, they're short and nice. quality is pretty great. will add more in future.
  3. RealKorra

    Legend of Korra Live Action Series

    it's brand new fanmade series coming soon by 2017-2018. this is teaser cover for LoK LAS. an test concept. most of stuff you'd find are mostly on facebook. i don't have time to post huge content here. so, i'll just link the page here. />
  4. RealKorra

    RP: The Avatar and Dragon King

    This is the Roleplay between RealKorra (Avatar) and kingxx100 (Dragon King)
  5. RealKorra

    Ask Korra a Question!

    i figured it was time that i make a post to answer your questions! feel free to ask any question you want to ask me. you never know what my answer is gonna be. but it'll be good answer from me.
  6. RealKorra

    Korra Hentai game series (Work In Progress, Concept/Idea)

    so i've been thinking about actually making my own Korra porn game series via RPG Game Maker VX. but i think i should buy it first before progressing on this idea. it should be short project, like a tv series. season consists of a episodes in a book. i was thinking of starting with 12 for Season...
  7. RealKorra

    Korra's Dominance Series

    PART ONE Last night, in my dream.. as seen in the art, only it was in reverse situation. Korra comes in and talks to me, but she had interuppted my playtime to myself, I got mad at her, told her to leave. Korra goes, "what's the problem with you? You're so hostile." I said, "just go. Get...
  8. RealKorra

    RealKorra's Journal Blogs

    i claim this for my journal blogs to post here. :D so be prepared for what comes today in first post. UPDATED: March 27th 2016 so i want to explain why i post here. some posts will be related to certain things such as game ideas, ideas, character status updates, status updates, real life...
  9. RealKorra

    RealKorra's IMVU Corner

    this is my Corner for IMVU-related thread only i claim it in name of Korra! :p the Evolution of Korra why the evolution? simply because i will show you how she first looked like before she became hot and better today. ;) she first started out as Curvy Korra, basically an curvy version of...
  10. RealKorra

    IMVU - Korra's new look for 2016

    hey. i thought i'd share Korra's new photoshoots i think she looks so pretty and cute, sassy. what do you think of her new look?
  11. RealKorra

    Sex Dreams - Erotic Dream Life story (More Posts in the Thread)

    i've been having alot of pleasure time in bed lately.. wet dreams.. sexy ones. i dreamed that i was tied up like this and got fucked very hard deeply.. until he came inside me so much that i came too. in my spirit form, i was captured and got forced to bend over. from there now on i was...
  12. RealKorra

    IMVU Korrasami Castings now Open!

    From Facebook Korrasami group: Just a update for all Korrasami fans. Starting today, I'm now looking for IMVU users with AP and has Asami like outfits to appear in my photoshoots for Korrasami gallery of mine on select sites and for facebook korrasami/select groups as well. Message or...