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  1. RealKorra

    Women wanted: Breeding Group on KIK

    sorry this might seem like random post out of nowhere. this is for err.. my breeding group i have. (shrugs, i'm just that kind of girl who likes breeding) "hey ladies, i'm not sure if any of you still like breeding and sex, whatnot, even for those who want to have kids. i have a breeding...
  2. RealKorra

    Need help with problems

    hey. i'm not sure if it's fine to discuss this here. i ran into problems few weeks ago, hasn't even resolved them at all. i tried few options, none worked because i hadn't found a donator who could spare their time to help me fix the problems in due time. the problems are: router (fixed)...
  3. RealKorra

    RealKorra's Journal Blogs

    i claim this for my journal blogs to post here. :D so be prepared for what comes today in first post. UPDATED: March 27th 2016 so i want to explain why i post here. some posts will be related to certain things such as game ideas, ideas, character status updates, status updates, real life...