under development

  1. Mick2000

    RPG WolfRPG NTR [肩こりです/Katakoridesu] ピュアホワイト / Pure White (RJ371977)

    From the creator of Scarlet Princess: / a new game with new story and new character Pure White, a new Wolf RPG game release this late March: / to late july...
  2. E

    RPG RPG Maker [Devil's Office] SHRIFT 2 (RJ318368)

    DLsite Link: / PIXIV: / Ci-en: / to Previous Game Thread: //extra-room.ru/sexalarab/threads/devils-office-shrift-rj209839.11163/ Release: November...
  3. Antithetical Inquiry

    VN/TEXT SIM Active World's Crossing Academy

    Boosting for a friend; essentially a fantasy school dating sim focused on character interaction. Here's the public release. />
  4. aphrodisia

    VN/TEXT Patreon Active [aphrodisia] Reborn in Sin

    Reborn in Sin Play as a fallen angel in this erotic fantasy visual novel. With almost no knowledge of the mortal world and no one left to turn to, you make a dubious deal with a demon to survive. A devious tale filled with futanari and monster girls awaits you! The full game will feature: 8+...
  5. laugh

    ACT Enty Active [七草堂ひろきち] Monster Surprised Yuuki-chan

    / infro from Seis, thanks. So I was looking through the girl vs girl and super117 creators blog and enty and found some posts and sprites that seem to be related to another game they are working on. I'm fairly sure you need an account with enty to be able to...
  6. J

    Another RAGS game...

    Hi! I'm currently working on a RAGS game. (Do I really have to mention is a sex game?) :eek: I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in trying it... If you wanna know more: zslickfingerz.blogspot.ca Cheers! :D