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Västmark is a SWEDESIAN PEN & PAPER ROLEPLAYING GAME that is old as fuck. Also in Swedish so you better have Google Translate at the ready. I may or may not eventually try to make a poor attempt at GMing this. This thread is for me to store translated shit in.

Setting: Medieval Fantasy set around the time of Richard I the Lionheart, on a small imaginary island named 'Lyonia' somewhere near the British Isles or whatever. Involves Knights, Squires, Witches, Sidhe, Half-Fey Fluffy-Tailed People and BEARMANS or whatever. Check one of my albums for some art.

Noble (o) +1 to +4)
Ambidextrous (v) (+1 to +4)
Heir (o) (+1 to +4)
Envious (s) (-1 to -4)
Well-traveled (s) (+1 to +4)
Obsessed (o) (-1 to -4)
Learned/Scholar (v) (+1 to +4)
Inattentive (v) (-1 to -4)
Shy (s) (-1 to -4)
Grumpy (v) (-1 to -4)
Berserker (v) (+1 to +4)
Poor Memory (s) (-1 to -4)
Infamous (s) (-1 to -4)
Poor Self-Esteem (s) (-1 to -4)
Honorbound (o) (-1 to -4)
Single-minded (o) (-1 to -4)
Poor (o) (-1 to -4)
Fat (s) (-1 to -4)
Quick-footed (v) (+1 to +4)
Flight (o) (+1 to +4)
Rival/Enemy (o) (-1 to -4)
Phobia (s) (-1 to -4)
Outlaw (o) (-4)
Ugly (s) (-1 to -4)
Prone to Fumbling (s) (-1 to -4)
Cursed (o) (-1 to -5)
Pursued (s) (-1 to -4)
Enchanted Item (o) ( +1 to +4)
Love (s) (+1 to +4)
Insane (o) (-1 to -4)
Old (s) (-1 to -4)
Unnerving Gaze (s) (+1 to +4)
Greedy (o) (-1 to -4)
Forgetful (s) (-1 to -4)
Natural Archer (v) (+1 to +4)
Good Hand With Animals (s) (+1 to +4)
Good Reputation (s) (+1 to +4)
Pregnant (s) (-1 to -4)
Adorable (s) (+1 to +4)
Hideout (o) (+1 to +4)
Shapeshifter (o) (+4)
Hatred (s) (-1 to -4)
Honor (s) (+1 to +4)
Good Memory (s) (+1 to +4)
Hawk eye (v) (+1 to +4)
Unpopular (s) (-1 to -4)
Influence (s) (+1 to +4)
Intuition (s) (+1 to +4)
Hunted (o) (-1 to -4)
Iron Body (v) (+1 to +4)
Intelligent/Clever (s) (+1 to +4)
Clumsy (v) (-1 to -4)
Comical/Comedian (o) (-1 to -4 , alt +1 To +4)
Artist (v) ( +1 to +4)
Contacts (o) (+1 to +4)
Nimble (v) (+1 to +4)
Sensitive to iron (o) (-1 to -4)
Sensitive to Christianity (o) (-1 to -4)
Sensitive to magic (o) ( -1 to -4)
Laboratory (v) (+1 to +4)
Leader (s) (+1 to +4)
Lionhearted/Fearless (s) (+1 to +4)
Small (v) (-1 to -4)
Loyalty (o) (-1 to -4)
Good Nose (v) (+1 to +4)
Healing Hands (v) (+1 to +4)
Mentor (o) ( +1 to +4)
Light-footed/Slut (s) (-1 to -4)
Scumbag/Backstabber (s) (-1 to -4)
Compassion (s) (-1 to -4)
Musician (v) (+1 to +4)
Lame (v) (-1 to -4)
Pacifist (s) (-1 to -4)
Poet (v ) (+1 to +4)
Popular (s) (+1 to +4)
Coward (s) (-1 to -4)
Stage Fright (s) (-1 to -4)
Spontaneous Anger (s) (-1 to -4)
Rebel (o) (-1 to -4)
Rheumatic (v) (-1 to -4)
Riches (o) ( +1 to +4)
Sickly (s) (-1 to -4)
Good Hearing (v) (+1 to +4)
Quick Hands (v ) (+1 to +4)
Quick Learner (o) (+1 to +4)
Snobbish (s) (+1 to +4)
Carefree (s) (+1 to +4)
Energic/Silly (s) (-1 to -4)
Strong (v) (+1 to +4)
Large (v) (+1 to +4)
Enduring (s) (+1 to +4)
Ice Queen (s) (-1 to -4)
Poor Sight (o) (-1 to -4)
Speech impediment (v) (-1 to -4)
Faithful (s) (+1 to +4)
Wizard (v) (+1 to +4)
Sluggish Thought (s) (-1 to -4)
Lucky (v) (+1 to +4)
Young (o) (-1 to -4)
Child/Protege (o) (-1 to -4)
Beautiful (v) (+1 to +4)
Frail Physique (v) (-1 to -4)
Superstitious (v) (-1 to -4)
Strong-willed (v) (+1 to +4)
Friend/Companion (o) (+1 to +4)
Friendly (v) (+1 to +4)
Fey-blooded (o) (+1 to +4)
Supernatural Ability (o) (+1 to +4)

-Other Abilities/Traits-
Four-Legged (s) (+1 to +4)

Resist Torture
Strength Prowess

Communication ( Ko)
Betting & Gambling
Play Instrument
Thief Speak

Manoeuvres (M)
Sleight of Hand
Ropes & Knots
Weapon Skills

Knowledge ( Ku )
Mountain Lore
Library Lore
Animal Lore
Christian Lore
Healing Arts
Local Awareness
Language: IE +8 equals perfect fluency, +6 equals fluent with some dialect, +4 equals quasi-fluent, +2 equals can barely make oneself understood
Fey Lore
Herbal Lore

Craft (H)
Scribing: Includes ink making, bookbinding, calligraphy, etc

Carpentry: Includes carpenting of all sorts, woodcarving, etc
Blacksmithing: Includes casting, weaponsmithing, armorsmithing, etc
Leatherworking: Includes skinning, tanning, leatherworking, etc
Stonecraft: Includes sculpting, engraving, etc
Tailoring: Includes sewing, weaving, coloring textiles, etc
Fletching: Includes arrow & bow making, etc
Glassblowing: Includes making and shaping glass, etc
Tinkering: Includes making locks, clocks, mechanisms, etc
Gunsmithing: Includes making firearms & bullets, etc (Would need Alchemy for gunpowder and such too)


Basket weaving


Magic (T)
Fey Magic

Difficulty: 9 Base, -1 cost for +1 difficulty, +1 cost for -1 difficulty
Time to Cast:

Duration : Cost
Immediate: 0
A round: -6
One minute: -4
A guard: -2
To Dawn/Dusk: 0
A Day Cycle: +2
A Lunar month: +4
A Year: +6
A Decade: +8
A Lifetime: +10
Permanent: +15
Concentration: 0
Circle: 0

Range : Cost for Reach : Cost for Area of Effect
Personal: -4 / 0
Touch: -2 / +2
Near: 0 / +4
Bowshot: +2 / +8
Dukedom: +4 / +16
Kingdom: +6 / +32
Circle: - / 0

Time to Cast : Cost
Swift: +2
A round: 0
Circle: -2
A minute: -2
A glass: -4
A guard: -6
Delayed(Swift): +3
Delayed(Round): +1
A day: -8
A week: -10
A month: -12
A year: -14
Five years: -16

Requirement : Cost : Example
Normal Tools: -1 total cost, IE average kitchen
Uncommon Tools: -1 per tool, IE average laboratory
Unique Tools: minimum -2 per tool, IE specially built lab
Normal Ingredients: -1 total cost, IE Chicken blood, Snake eggs, black candles or cats
Uncommon Ingredients: -1 per ingredient, IE Human fat, a maiden's virginity
Unique Ingredients: minimum 2 per ingredient, IE Unicorn Horn, Dragon Eggs, Gryphon Feathers
Common Skills: -1 total cost, IE Minimum +4 in used Skill
Uncommon Skills: -1 per skill, IE Minimum +8 in used Skills
Unique Skills: minimum -2 per skill, IE +12 in used Skills

Example Effects : Costs
Speed up healing by 1 time period: 10
Instanteous death: 20
Cause severe wound immediately: 10
Cause wound immediately: 5
Grant a normally impossible ability(IE Flight): 3
Raise/Lower an ability by 1: 2/rank
A simple action: 1
Raise/lower damage by 1: 2 per point
Raise/lower fatigue by 1: 1 per point
Raise/lower exhaustion by 1: 1.5 per point
Raise/lower difficulty check by 2: 1/2 per rank
Teleport to another world: 20

Touch of Lethargy
Tradition: Withcraft, Fey Magic
Cost: 1
Difficulty: 9 Base
Duration: Immediate
Range: Touch(-2)
Time to Cast: A round(+0)
Requirement: N/A
Effect: Causes 3 fatigue damage(+3)
Description: With but a touch the caster can inflict a sense of fatigue and exhaustion into someone. The effect isn't very powerful or long-lasting though, so the victim doesn't need long to recover.

Unseal the Seal (Example from book)
Tradition: Withcraft
Cost: 1
Difficulty: 5
Duration: Instantaneous
Reach: Touch/Personal
Time to cast: Action
Requirement: N/A
Effect: With this hex the wax-seal of a letter may be undone harmlessly, or sealed again without any signs of it ever having been opened.

Witchlight (Example from book)
Tradition: Withcraft
Cost: 1
Difficulty: 9
Duration: A guard(4 hours)
Reach: Personal/Near
Time to cast: A minute, Delayed(Round)
Requirement: Smokeshroom, strong alcohol and one of: lightworm or fireflies(ingredients), mortar & pestle, kettle(tools)
Effect: The ingredients are prepared into a fine powder and then is mixed with the alcohol that may be stored for later use. By pouring the mixture onto ones hand and blowing on it afterwards it ignites into a still, unnaturally orange, flame around the hand. The glow is about as strong as that of an ordinary torch. The fire is real and may harm or ignite materials or beings(counts as a Torch for damage purposes). The fire does not recquire concentration to uphold, and thus cannot be willed away. It can be put out by suffocating it with a blanket or dousing it in plain water.

Honed Senses (Example from book)
Tradition: Withcraft, Fey Magic, Alchemy
Cost: 2
Difficulty: 9
Duration: A guard(4 hours)
Reach: Personal/Personal
Time to cast: A minute, Delayed(Action)
Requirement: A small piece of the animal who's sense you want to hone
Effect: You gain a +4 bonus to a relevant ability/trait based on the animal the ingredient came from. IE a rabbitfoot for hearing, a piece of fur from a wolf for smelling, a hawk's feather for sight, a snake's tongue for tasting, or a cat's whiskers for sense of touch. Other examples include but are not limited to; a bat's ears for ecolocation, or a fly for increased reflexes.

Vanished tracks (Example from book)
Tradition: Withcraft, Fey Magic
Cost: 1
Difficulty: 8
Duration: A guard(4 hours)
Reach: Personal/Personal
Time to cast: A round
Requirement: N/A
Effect: This spell is useful for witches or fey that are being hunted or those that simply wish to get away without leaving a track. When used this spell erases almost all traces of their passing, including their scent, and prevents new ones from being made for the duration of it. Twigs that are stepped on do not snap or bend away harmlessly, grass simply rises back up as if untrodden, and bushes give way for the persons passing. Mechanically speaking, this spell gives any pursuers, be they man or beast, a -12 penalty to all Tracking rolls to find the user.

The Animal's Borrowed Tongue (Example from book)
Tradition: Witchcraft
Cost: 7
Difficulty: 10
Duration: Dusk/Dawn
Reach: Personal
Time to Cast: A minute
Requirement: A tongue from the kind of animal you want to speak with(ingredient)
Effect: After appropriate preparation(along with ritual) the witch swallows the tongue and gains the ability 'Speak with Animals +2' and the appropriate language skill +6 of the animal.

Reversal of Mistakes (Example from book)
Tradition: Witchcraft
Cost: 1
Difficulty: 12
Duration: Instantaneous
Reach: Touch/Personal
Time to Cast: A round
Requirement: N/A
Effect: Removes the trait Pregnant of up to -2 - the fetus is later expelled in an unusually strong 'monthly bleeding'. No other side effects happens.
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