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Nov 24, 2008
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Deep under the earth, the city of Erthôrn has grown and prospered over the centuries. Hiring drow mercenaries to defend and the svirfneblin, and svirfneblin to defend against the drow, the city has grown wealthy from trade born of making the finest armor and weapons and raiding nearby tribes and settlements for slaves. On the outside, everything is build with utility and defence in mind: walls are thick and reinforced where not covered in arrow slits. Ballistae guard all entrances, many of which are rigged to be able to be collapsed if necessary, and all can be sealed with thick doors of steel or adamantine. In the mines, slaves toil endlessly under watchful slavemasters, each heavily armed and armoured in case of rebellious or desperate slaves, resenting the privilege of working for duergar granted to them. And in the forges and workshops, masters create pieces of finest craftsdwarfship, many of them with a century or more of experience, while craftsdwarves of lesser skill toil under their watchful eyes, envious of their skill and recognition. In their mansions, nobles live lives of luxury and decadence while keeping one eye on their lessers and another on their peers and superiors, always mindful of potential treachery. Such are the prices and rewards of rulership.

While the nobles grow fat in decadent luxury, the priests and scholar endlessly search for deeper knowledge, whether through powers of the mind, arcane research, or by commanding otherworld beings to reveal their secrets. Of late, a new obsession has claimed the minds of these scholars: Uranium. The magical metal supposedly has endless potential uses for magic rituals, enchanting and trade. The nobles, too, have heard of these whispers and thus have directed their attention to where it might be found. The Count of Arkhag has his greedy eyes on a certain small outpost, formerly little more than a watchpost to keep an eye on a traderoute to the drow city of Ssethzarran, hosting mere three dozen soldiers to keep an eye on nearby kobold tribes and monsters and to stop any surprise attacks from that direction. However, now an expedition to establish a village and later a town is being prepared. If the uranium deposit nearby is as rich as the rumours say, and if uranium truly proves to be as valuable as the scholars now claim, the leaders of the expedition stand a chance of becoming fabulously wealthy.

Character creation rules

Ability scores: 25 point-buy
Race: DSP version of Duergar
Classes: Paizo + DSP + Rite Publishing
Traits: 2
Starting level: 5
Hit Points: Max at first level, average rounded up afterwards
Starting gold: 30 000 gp
Backstory questions to get you started: What did your character do to get his position as one of the leaders of the expedition? What if any dealings has he had with the drow?

High Psionics version of soulknife will be used:
Only failed combat maneuvers trigger Attacks of Opportunity, Improved + greater <combat maneuver> combined in one feat
Shields shall be splintered: A character who is proficient with shields and wielding a shield can once per round when he is not flat-footed or grappled choose to block an attack he is aware of that would otherwise hit him. The character takes no damage. A non-magical shield made of common materials is destroyed. A shield that is enchanted or made of special material of exceptional durability such as adamantine isn't automatically destroyed, but instead takes double damage from the attack(minimum 1 point after hardness is taken into account). If a magical shield is used to block a spell, it takes either full effects of the spell(no save) or, if the spell wouldn't normally affect the shield, 1 point of damage per spell level ignoring hardness.
Crossbows: Heavy crossbows, like composite bows, have strength rating that's added to their damage. If the wielder has strength bonus at least equal to the rating, they treat the crossbow as a light crossbow for the purpose determining how long it takes to reload it. For every 4 points the crossbow's strength rating exceeds the wielder's strength rating, the reloading time for the crossbow doubles(this makes free actions into swift actions, swift actions into move actions, move actions into standard action and standard actions into full-round actions when applicable). Having strength rating higher than 0 costs 75 gp per +1 for heavy crossbows and 150 gp per +1 for repeating heavy crossbows.
Skills: We're using the background skills variant rule:
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