Game Mechanics


Horn Dog
Jan 7, 2009
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As mentioned, I'm aiming to keep this feeling like Xcom as much as possible, which means the good as well as the bad.

The Dice!
For the most part, I'll be using d100 for dice rolls. This means that attacks can be annoyingly swingy and even when everything should be in your favour, you'll miss crucial shots. Y'know, just like in Xcom.

I'll be handling all the dice rolling for ease of management.

Your aim score, minus enemy dodge and cover(if applicable) will give your final attack score, which you'll then need to roll under to hit. I will calculate your hit % against all valid targets at the start of your turn based on your current position, however to prevent the game from being slowed down, I won't be recalculating based on your new position after a move action; you're gonna have to eyeball those.

If your attack hits, you will then roll to crit, assuming crit % is above zero. As you'd expect, enemies flanked/out of cover give a boost to crit, as does some weapons/ammo types.

Will Checks
Whenever your health is brought to 2 or less, or someone around you drops, you will make a will check vs panic. Enemy psionic attacks will also force will checks.

Every point of dodge will reduce an incoming attack hit chance by 5%

Every point of mobility will allow you to move an extra square

Cover (Partial/Full)
Partial Cover reduces incoming hit chance by 20
Full cover reduces incoming hit chance by 40

Your hack score - target difficulty to get final target number to roll against. You won't know the difficulty until you begin the hack.