Temple of Calhoun: Amelia (Xivvix)

Mamono Assault Force

Coon Tamer
RP Moderator
Jan 1, 2009
Reputation score
Amelia: Fine
Hit Points (HP): 38
Pleasure to Orgasm (PP): 32
Spirit Energy (EP): 30

The bounty hunter, perhaps foolish, or perhaps walking with the god's blessing, entered the forsaken temple. For as grand as the entrance was, walking down that long hallway that seemed to span the entire structure and back again, the tunnel didn't end. Not until she realized she was soon standing in an odd room with walls unlike those she saw before. Those previously ruined stone bricks now looked fresh inexplicably, as if she blinked and she was in a new world.

Perhaps such was the case. But she had little time to admire the scenery, as before she could even collect herself, enemies were upon her!

1 Crazed Caster dressed in a robe wailed in the distance. Though not at her. It seemed he was too engrossed in his unintelligible ramblings of madness to even know she was there. Less a human, he looked like an animal with a tinge of intelligence.

Amelia has spotted and surprised the caster! She gets first action and any sneak bonuses!