Temple of the Elders: Lore

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(Temple of the Elders is set to take place between the events of DG3 and DG4, beginning at around half-way through the events of DG3, before a lot of things have reached their conclusion. The lore for TotE was made largely with support and contribution of the Tass-man, who nodded at TotE being apart of the lore and helped to come up with its' story. Shoutouts to Hafnium as well, as despite his indifference to this existence of this alternate way to play DG, he helped make DG4 a reality which in turn helped TotE actually work much in part due to the increased randomness involved in the new system. As well, thanks to everyone else who is volunteering to help me test TotE and for giving your support. I'm making this for you guys to enjoy.)

The Temples of the Elders
A Place to Put the World's Problems

The world of Donevrion rarely rests and enjoys peace. Chaos ravages much of the land and it continues to suffer the scars of war and conflict. Entire towns can vanish in the blink of an eye. Whole cities and kingdoms are wiped out. The various factions of the world wage war against one another, and not even members of the same race go without fighting one another, be it for the sake of their greed, their beliefs, or their pure bloodlust. Amidst this chaos, influential figures are allowed to grow. Driven by their own desires, they gain power and influence, continuously growing until they are noticed by others as a threat, and cut down appropriately. Whether they be good, bad, or neutral to all, they all strive to grow and flourish, while others around them seek to cut them down, seeing them as a possible threat to their own cause, or simply to steal the power and influence they've obtained. With many gods slain, and the rest in hiding, the world's gods become the leaders who've managed to gain the influence and power that others they've cut down sought to achieve.

Some grow far too powerful to be stopped, beings that try to go so far as to reach the status of a god. One among them was a Deamon named Veelach, whom The God Slayer met with and held at his mercy. Veelach, who became a god seeking to turn Donevrion into his personal toy, begged for his life, and rather than cut him down, The God Slayer saw use in Veelach, and allowed him to live on a condition. Veelach was to set out and apprehend others like him and punish them for trying to become gods by sealing them within a Temple from which they cannot escape. These imprisoned souls, later to be known as Elders, were to be examples of what was to happen if someone tries to bend the world to their will and announce themselves as gods. Rather than be given death, they are to be imprisoned for eternity, the echos of their insanity and despair act as a message to all others who would seek to emulate them, and think twice before doing so.

Veelach Is Not Content

Matthias' words were what he must obey. Veelach was as much a prisoner as those he was meant to capture, unable to do anything but fetch more undesirables and stuff them into their prisons out of fear of being utterly destroyed by The God Slayer, whose eyes always watched the snake Veelach for deception or disloyalty. Matthias knew Veelach would eventually try something, and when he did, Matthias arrived to find Veelach had filled his temples with treasure and relics, and was more than vocal about their contents. Veelach told Matthias that he had not disobeyed him. He was not wrongfully imprisoning anyone, nor was he allowing any prisoners to escape. What he did was allow people to enter the temples of their own free will, promising them that if they could kill the Elder within, they'd be allowed to keep all the treasure and magical trinkets they found. Matthias allowed this, and left Veelach to lead many fortune seekers to their eternal doom inside his Temples, and because of the magic Veelach put in place to weaken the Elder's power, those who enter the Temple also find their powers vanish upon entering, further dooming their fate...
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