Temple of the Elders: The Tavern (Group Play)

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Jan 1, 2009
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The Tavern is a place where you can role play with other PC's, but its' main purpose is to find and pair up with other players. Posts here can be OOC or IC, whichever you prefer. This thread is also not a requirement, you can play solo, or if you have already spoken with an organized a group of other people you know, you can just start. This is only for people looking to pair up with a group.

For RP fluff, The Tavern is a place for those known as Elder Hunters, people who are insane enough to risk an eternity trapped inside a dimensionally trapped Temple in order to try to come back out with enough money to retire for life. It's a meeting place for Elder Hunters to gather companions and aid one another so that they may possibly improve their chances at survival. Food and Drink are being served, and the atmosphere is cozy, complete with music and the soft sounds of a burning fireplace to keep the Tavern warm, as it rests near the borders of Crolia, the Amazon, and Badaria.


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Nov 10, 2008
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Re: Temple of the Elders: The Tavern (Group Play)

I will wait a little more to play this