The OOC/Info Thread: Reboot Edition


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Nov 15, 2008
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Anything goes here. Including dumb questions and/or wild accusations for dumb fishes.

I guess we'll simply have to see for how long this revival attempt lasts. Pretty sure the timer starts in the negative though.

So what is Space Colony: Erotic Arena, apart from a hella dumb name? Well. It is a diceless system for smut-making at its core, with little else to go with it I guess. That, and instead of each character/player or team thereof having their own dedicated thread, it will be be based on a mixture of that and 'Freeform RP Areas' that the characters move around to, from, and between.

Not much of a notable selling point to it except if you are itching for stat-and-smut-based battles, and given how the system uses no dice of any sort it got one lone point of interest: Battles don't need any GM to oversee them. The players are expected to correct and help eachother, while keeping track of their own stats, while the fight plays out. Some examples of that can be found over here.

I am pretty sure I am not the right guy to look to in regards to PLOT and STORY elements, so that stuff would probably pretty barebones to non-existant if I were to make an attempt. Not to mention liable to die at any moment. And I ain't really going to ask someone to do that for me, but I also am unlikely to say no if someone wants to take this dumb premise and make something out less dumb out of it. I'm content with being poked for crunchy stat stuff.

And with this post I guess I've gone full retard and Space Colony: Erotic Arena is once more open for business I guess. Don't let the age of the other threads fool you, I've touched up and editted them to make them marginally less difficult to make sense of.

Edit: Go here to jumpstart at character creation. And here if you don't know how to navigate forums.
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